U.S. Retail Construction Levels Remain Well Below Pre-Recession Levels

Few new retail centers are under construction. Those that are involve either neighborhood shopping centers or mixed-use projects. With the continued barrage of retail bankruptcies, stores closures, repositionings and rightsizings of store... View Article

What Congressional Gridlock Could Mean For CRE

For the next two years, the US will have a divided Congress, with Republicans hanging onto a slim majority in the House of Representatives while Democrats snagged similarly slim control... View Article

Climate Change and Investment Property

By Clifford Hockley, CPM, CCIM SVN Bluestone, Principal Broker The world’s climate is changing and so are the methods adapted to adjust to the changes. Real estate investors need to... View Article

SVN Economic Update: November 18, 2022

Thanksgiving Inflation As Americans sit down for this year’s Thanksgiving, it’s more than just after-dinner-waistlines experiencing uncomfortable inflation levels. According to a recent Chandan Economics analysis, the average price of... View Article

What Drives a Recession and Why is it Important to You?

By Clifford Hockley, Principal Broker In economics, a recession is a business cycle contraction when there is a general decline in economic activity. Recessions generally occur when there is a... View Article

Business Succession Planning

By: Clifford Hockley, Senior Advisor and Principal Broker Who is going to run your company or care for your investments if you die or become incapacitated? Have you planned ahead?... View Article

Why Being Actively Involved in Your Real Estate Investments is so Important

By: Clifford Hockley, Senior Advisor and Principal Broker Active Management           George owned a three-plex in a quiet neighborhood. He had no trouble getting tenants to... View Article

Managing Your Real Estate Investments by Remote

By: Clifford Hockley, Senior Advisor and Principal Broker Assume Life is Not Perfect           The way life usually happens when you are selling your property (or... View Article

Changes in Portland FAIR Access in Renting Ordinance and Eviction Moratoriums

By James Schaff, President SVN Bluestone and Bluestone Real Estate Services Changes in Portland FAIR Access in Renting Ordinance The Portland City Council voted on June 29, 2022, to roll... View Article

Increase Your Bottom Line by Stopping Water Leaks at Your Property

Water leaks at your property not only affect your water bill but impact the availability of water where you live. There are water shortages all over the country. You can... View Article

How Gen Z Renters Might Reshape Multifamily

Gen Z is surpassing millennials as the largest renter cohort dominating the multifamily market, which has comprised 42% of all CRE sales since the start of the pandemic, according to... View Article

Multi-Generational Wealth Building Starts with Planning and Goal Setting

By: Cliff Hockley, CPM, CCIM, Principal Broker, and Senior Advisor Bluestone Real Estate Services SVN | Bluestone Wealth may pay, but it may not stay That is a piece of... View Article

Higher Mortgage Rates Begin to Cool the Pricey Housing Market

With 30-year fixed mortgage rates topping 5% recently, home buyers appear to be reevaluating their budgets and pulling back on offers. The reservations come as home prices continue to climb... View Article

Economic Update: April 15, 2022

Never Mind the CPI, the Construction Producer Price Index Is Really Soaring

At an annualized rate of 8.5%—the highest rate in 40 years—the consumer price index, more colloquially known as inflation, hit peoples’ pockets hard in March. If only they knew how... View Article

What risks should investors be aware of as they consider cannabis retail sites?

By: James Schaff, President & Cliff Hockley, CPM, CCIM, Principal Broker, and Senior Advisor Bluestone and Hockley Real Estate Services SVN | Bluestone and Hockley Are cannabis grows, or cannabis... View Article

Why Rising Interest Rates Won’t Lead to Cap Rate Change

With both inflation and interest rates rising, following the first Federal Reserve rate hike in three years, many people have no living memory of what can happen—for example, the double-digit... View Article