EVENT – B&H University – Remapping Portland: How the City’s plans affect your plans


The SVN | Bluestone & Hockley corporate office at 9320 SW Barbur Blvd. Suite 300, Portland, Oregon will host Brian Mares, LEED AP, and Peter Grim, AIA, of Scott | Edwards Architecture for a review of the proposed property zoning changes coming in 2018.

After a four-year update process, the new 2035 Comprehensive Plan was adopted on June 15, 2016. Portland’s Comprehensive Plan is a long-range plan that helps the City prepare for and manage expected population and employment growth, as well as plan for and coordinate major public investments.

Zoning assistance and best use analysis experts Brian Mares and Peter Grimm of Scott | Edwards Architecture will introduce the planned zoning changes and discuss the opportunities they present to the real estate sector.


This event will be held on October 19th, 2017 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Light refreshments will be provided.

To sign up for the event please visit:  B&H University – Changes in Property Zoning in 2018

About the Speakers:

SEA_BrianMares0004Brian Mares, LEED AP

Brian is an award-winning designer with over 15 years of experience focusing on urban work in Portland. His clients include local businesses and developers as well as national market leaders. Current projects include 10 Barrel Brewing’s Portland Pub as well as work for Consolidated Community Credit Union and several mixed-use developments across the city. Brian enjoys getting started early in a project’s lifecycle, delving into zoning assistance and best-use analysis, and working closely with the “money men” to ensure the numbers work as well as the design.

SEA_Peter0004Peter Grimm, AIA

Peter has over 19 years of architectural design experience here in Portland, and is licensed to practice in both Oregon and Washington. His experience includes a wide variety of projects for local and regional clients, primarily in the restaurant, retail, creative office, and adaptive reuse sectors. In recent years, Peter has honed his focus on urban infill and adaptive reuse projects in the Portland metro area. He has also developed an expertise in providing highest and best use analysis, zoning assistance and consulting services to a number of clients who are in early stages of either purchasing or redeveloping properties.