Why Landlords And Property Managers Can Benefit From The Coworking Boom

The coworking industry has seen unprecedented growth the past few years, enjoying rapid expansion across some of America’s most economically valuable cities and there are three specific and palpable reasons why.


In fact, according to Deskmag, the number of coworking locations has also grown globally from 1,130 spaces in 2011 to 13,800 in 2017. With the rising prominence of the market, companies that take advantage of coworking have seen major benefits to their business—outsourced office management, seamless entry into new markets, gorgeous design, and well-maintained and flexible work environments.

While companies of all sizes — from start-ups to enterprises — are taking advantage of the coworking movement, there are other stakeholders that stand to benefit from the coworking boom—both landlords and property managers. Some of the most prominent landlords and property managers in the world have begun to invest in the coworking industry.

There are three specific and palpable reasons why: Read the full article at GlobeStreet.com