Oregon Special Legislative Sessions

Special Legislative Session update regarding residential and commercial tenancies and property-related loans affected by COVID-19 Pandemic By: Clifford A. Hockley, President Bluestone and Hockley Real Estate Services, Executive Director, SVN... View Article

Expect Fewer Distressed Asset Opportunities Than in 2008

This recession is fundamentally different than the Great Financial Crisis in 2008, and as a result, the opportunities to benefit from the market dislocation will also be much different. Specifically,... View Article

Mid-Month Musings

Commercial Tenancies Our clients are doing better overall than they were at this same time last month, by three or four percentage points. On the type breakdown, industrial is starting... View Article

Economic Indicators- May Edition

Source: State of Oregon Employment Department Summary of May Economic Data The unemployment rate for Portland reached 14% in April. A record stretching back decades. Though slightly below the US... View Article

Your office has reopened. Are you liable if someone catches Covid-19?

Depending on where they are located, offices are slowly and cautiously welcoming back employees after the shutdown. Likewise for retail stores and restaurants. In the vast majority of cases, these... View Article

Will we be working from home or the office? What does the future bring for office tenants?

By: Clifford A. Hockley, President Bluestone and Hockley Real Estate Services, Executive Director, SVN | Bluestone and Hockley As an owner of a company with between 80 and 100 employees,... View Article

Guide to Reopening Business Amid Covid-19: Tenants

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps your business will need to take to reopen as restrictions are lifted across the country. While your exact reopening strategy will... View Article

Guide to Reopening Business Amid Covid-19: Landlords

When it’s time to return to the office and reopen business there are multiple things to consider. You are responsible for the safety and well-being of your staff, tenants and... View Article

Potential Danger in the Promised Land

By: Clifford A. Hockley, President Bluestone and Hockley Real Estate Services, Executive Director, SVN | Bluestone and Hockley A reflection on being a landlord in the Portland Metro area during... View Article

Property Crimes to Carry Heavier Penalty During State of Emergency

Washington County Announced Property Crimes will be a Felony A newly-formed coalition in Washington County announced certain property crimes will be classified as felonies during the coronavirus pandemic. The county’s... View Article

Despite the Coronavirus, Net Lease Investors Still Have an Appetite for QSRs. Here’s Why.

Despite the fact that national QSR chains are reporting an average dip in sales of about 25% in the coronavirus, their NOIs have not changed significantly. Quick service restaurants continue... View Article

Self-help: Cashierless retail has arrived

“Saving time is just as important as saving money.” That is what Patrick Shanks, regional vice president for Walmart Neighborhood Market operations, has said about the consumer’s quest for convenience.... View Article

Who are the Covid-19 Unemployed in Oregon?

One of the most visible and devastating impacts of the state’s stay-at-home order to protect us from the human health crisis presented by COVID-19 has been mass layoffs. Over 16... View Article

ICSC Research: How consumers will spend stimulus checks and when they’ll be comfortable shopping

Stimulus Spending Half the 1,004 U.S. consumers Engine Insights surveyed on behalf of ICSC on April 10-12 expect the economy to improve over the next 12 months; 34 percent expect... View Article

Covid-19 Impact on Retail

Q&A with Ryan Imbrie, CCIM, Managing Director and SVN Retail Product Council Chair What’s going on, in general, in the retail asset class as a result of Covid-19? Retail tenants... View Article

Covid-19 Impact on Office

Q&A with Albert M Lindeman, SVP, National Council Chair Office Properties & Jeffrey C. Albeen, CCIM, EVP What’s going on, in general, in the area of office properties as a... View Article