Sperry Van Ness is Now SVN


A Letter From President & CEO Kevin Maggiacomo

I have always believed the status quo to be the arch nemesis of great companies. Embracing the status quo breeds mediocrity and as brand leaders, our jobs are to disrupt that mediocrity and to achieve excellence. Along these lines, I am excited to announce an exciting change we are making to our organization.

Time For Change – The world is changing and so are we.

To better reflect the company we are today, we are undergoing a meaningful and powerful change to our brand: Sperry Van Ness® has proudly become SVN®.

This change is built atop the shared value brand pillars — open, collaborative and transparent — that underpin our business model. Our new brand more accurately represents the company’s stakeholders. It also creates a strong opportunity for us to share our story – and what we do that is better and different than the competition.

Companies that seek out and embrace change are healthy, growing and dynamic organizations, while companies that fear change are stagnant entities on their way to a painful demise. There is tremendous opportunity in this initiative and we are looking forward to continuing to roll it out globally over the next 12-18 months.
To read the full press release on the name change, please click here.