The Fed’s Interest Rate Cut Could Boost Industrial Sales. Or Disrupt Them. – NREI

The Fed cut the federal funds interest rate Wednesday by a quarter of a percentage point to about 2.25 percent to protect the U.S. economy from an economic slowdown. As justification for the first rate cut since the height of the Great Recession, the Fed cited concerns over the slowing global economy and trade war with China.

Top 10 Cities for Industrial Real Estate Sales Growth – Portland is 8th! – CoStar

Industrial real estate has been booming with the rise of e-commerce. After all, products bought online have to come from a warehouse somewhere.

Appealing To Millennial Renters Who Wish To Remain Child-Free And Mortgage-Free – Forbes

If you own or manage rental properties, your ideal tenant is likely a young, gainfully employed person who plans to rent long-term. Luckily for you, this dream occupant comprises one of the largest renting demographics: millennials.

Portland’s biggest construction projects right now – The Oregonian

Portland’s construction boom has slowed, but it still feels like there are cranes everywhere. Indeed, there are 60 or so developments under construction valued at $10 million or more. They... View Article

Speed Bumps Ahead for Industrial Assets Don’t Diminish Investor Appetite – NREI

Slowing economic growth, trade wars and a pipeline that is delivering new supply to the market may force investors to adjust return expectations for industrial properties, but it doesn’t appear to be putting much of a dent in buyer demand.

Portland to Land Pacific Northwest’s First Ritz-Carlton Hotel – CoStar

The Pacific Northwest's first ever Ritz-Carlton hotel is coming to Portland, Oregon.

A ‘new normal’ for multifamily projects – DJC Oregon

Portland’s inclusionary housing rules exempt buildings with fewer than 20 units. For larger buildings, developers must provide a proportional amount of apartments at rents affordable to people who earn less than either 60 percent or 80 percent of the Portland area’s median income, or pay a fee in lieu.

How rents stack up in Vancouver versus Portland – The Columbian

Are Vancouver rates really higher than in Portland? Maybe; city strives to address need for affordable housing

How retail is reshaping the health care industry – ICSC

The health care establishment has yet to consider its patients as customers. This leaves opportunities aplenty for a retail industry that has long dedicated itself to customer service.

Modular Construction Use Is ‘Booming’ in Commercial Building – NREI

Commercial real estate experts forecast increasing demand for modular construction in the healthcare, industrial, education and multifamily sectors.

Successful Real Estate Investing written by Cliff Hockley is available now!

Real estate investing is a common conversation topic for good reason as it can be very lucrative, when done correctly. However, many investors have lost thousands or even millions of dollars on devastating mistakes that could have been avoided. Cliff Hockley, a property management and commercial brokerage expert, wrote Successful Real Estate Investing to help people avoid these mistakes and make as much money as possible from their real estate investments.

Just Closed! 10,782 SF medical office/retail building Lake Oswego, OR $4,500,000

Regional Mall Owners Focus on Adaptive Reuse and Smaller, More Nimble Tenants – NREI

Of the more than 16 million sq. ft. of retail leases signed in the last five quarters—across all retail sectors—Reis reported grocery stores were the No. 1 new tenant, followed by home/houseware stores, gyms/fitness studios, discount variety stores, and discount clothing stores. Trampoline parks—part of the much-talked-about experiential retail—were also in the top 10.

Opportunity zone rules aim to spur further business and real estate investment – Accounting Today

The proposed regulations on opportunity zones issued by the Internal Revenue Service and the Treasury Department last week could unlock greater real estate investment in low-income communities and give business investors a chance to reap tremendous profits with their taxes deferred for years into the future. The impact on communities around the country could be far-reaching, driving up property values but also potentially making places to live less affordable

What Does Industrial’s Future Look Like? – Globe St.

Warehouses are getting smarter, and distribution channels are getting more efficient. As consumers demand faster delivery of goods, the industrial sector will play a huge role in making that happen and technology will be the driver.

Mall Outlook Darkens as Online Sales Surge – CoStar

The report shows that for the first time, nonstore retail sales, which include e-commerce sales, totaled more than those for the department stores that anchor most traditional Class B and Class C malls.