REAL Capital Analytics Q2 2017 US Capital Trends

Suburban office activity swelled in Q2’17 as deal volume for CBD office assets faltered. There is no one reason for the growth in suburban activity: deal structures, markets in favor,... View Article

‘Amazon Effect’ has Bankers Re-Examining Their Loan Portfolios, Tightening Underwriting

In a change from addressing investor concerns about their construction and development and multifamily lending as they have in the past few quarters, bank executives and analysts refocused on a... View Article

Mid-Year Portland Apartment Update – Barry & Associates

After a record breaking 2016, sales activity has been disappointing at the mid-point of 2017. However, values have shown little signs of slowing and sales activity appears to be gaining... View Article

Echoes of a Boom: Billion dollar projects boost growth in industrial, commercial sectors – even as multi-family development is slowing

Nearly a decade after the Great Recession, the long and frustratingly slow recovery has morphed into a barrage of development that by some measures surpasses the mid-2000s housing bubble. The... View Article

Vagrants: What is a landlord to do?

  A significant increase of vagrancy and trespassing has been observed at many of the properties we mange around the Portland area. Properties of all types (residential, commercial, etc.) are... View Article

The Best and Worst Real Estate Markets for Multi-Family Investors

National Real Estate Investor ranked the hottest and the worst multi-family markets in the US for investors:   The best markets for multi-family investors:   Boston Denver Des Moines Raleigh/Durham... View Article

Unemployment at a 16-Year Low

The unemployment rate hit a 16-year low in May, but hiring has lost some steam as the economy added 138,000 jobs – well below the 180,000 average that was expected.... View Article

3 Steps to Recession Proof Your Real Estate

Reposted from Marshall Commercial Funding’s blog: SAM ZELL’S ASSESSMENT OF THE R.E. MARKET Last month real estate magnate Sam Zell stated, “The real estate cycle is nearing its end.”  Mr.... View Article

The Impact of the Inevitable – Autonomous Driving and Real Estate

Self-driving cars may seem like something out of a sci-fi movie – but the future of autonomous driving is closer than we think. After all, many luxury brands have offered... View Article

Brian Resendez Promoted to Senior Vice President

SVN | Bluestone and Hockley is pleased to announce the promotion of Brian Resendez to Senior Vice President. Brian leads the Hotels Group at SVN | B&H, and specializes in... View Article

Oregon’s New Housing Legislation Update – HB 2004

By: Cliff Hockley & Jeremy Boardman HB 2004 is moving to the Oregon Senate floor. We wanted to update you regarding this House bill and its impact on the Landlord... View Article

CEOs Want Their Offices Back

The growing open floor plan trend has taken root in offices everywhere, but what was once thought as the solution to increased collaboration, many believe is slowly destroying the workplace.... View Article

7 Takeaways from Day One of the ICSC RECon Show 2017

Changes are happening in the retail real estate industry as consumers shift their buying habits, and investors are wary of risky ventures. According to National Real Estate Investor – these are the... View Article

Walkability is still a winner

Renters usually have a laundry list of requirements when searching for their potential home. From access to retail and restaurant amenities, greenspaces and parks, schools or even the office –... View Article

Retail’s demise is greatly exaggerated

In the midst of what many see as a ‘Retail Apocalypse’ – all is not lost “There have been nine retail bankruptcies [so far] in 2017—as many as all of... View Article

Robots will build your next house

“With construction workers in short supply and demand rising, builders turn to fast factories.” Home builders are finding more success with indoor factories, as developers grasp just how cost effective... View Article